StockFinder Videos

Navigating StockFinder (6:48)

This video covers the basics of navigating the StockFinder software. It covers changing symbols and watchlists, viewing charts, adding indicators and rules, moving and docking and saving.

Chart Basics (10:38)

This video covers chart basics including: adding and editing indicators, time frames, drawing tools, zoom and pan, scaling, overlay and adding multiple charts.

Watchlist Basics (9:39)

StockFinder organizes all the symbols in the system into WatchLists. This video will show you how to use WatchLists in StockFinder.

Rule Basics (13:33)

Rules are one of the centerpieces of StockFinder. You can use rules to scan and sort watchlists, paint indicators and backtest. This video covers scanning, filtering, sorting, painting indicators.

New Highs or New Lows (4:05)

This video shows how to scan for stocks challenging new highs and new lows. It covers making the rules, scanning and painting price. It demonstrates how to change the timeframe and period for the new highs/lows.

Working With Volume Surge (8:29)

This video demonstrates how to use the Volume indicator based on its normal trading volume to find stocks that are surging.

Working with Bollinger Bands (12:04)

This video introduces Bollinger bands and how to scan and sort for price relative to its bollinger bands.

Working With Stochastics (10:28)

This video introduces the Stochastics indicator and will show you how to interperate stochastics on your chart, as well as scan and sort your watchlist for high and low stochastic values.

Understanding MACD and MACD Histogram (11:11)

This video overview of MACD will introduce you to the MACD and MACD Historgram indicators, how they are calculated and what they can tell you about the price action of a stock.

Blogging with StockFinder (14:04)

In this video you will be introduced to the integrated online trading journal using the Blocks.Com Stock blogs. You will learn how to view blogs from other users and how to set up your own trading journal.

Working with Industry Ranking (11:14)

StockFinder makes it easy to see how any stock ranks in its industry and how any stock’s industry ranks against all other industries. This video teaches how to use the Symbol vs. Industry and Industry vs. All Industry indicators. Learn what they show and how to both sort and scan by them.

Rank by Stock and Industry Performance (7:47)

Uncovering the best performing stocks in the best performing industries is a simple three-step process in StockFinder. This video teaches how to sort industries to uncover the strongest and weakest groups in any time frame. Uncovering the strongest and weakest stocks in these industries are revealed using the same sort technique.

Finding Recovering Stochastics (7:41)

Finding stocks bouncing after a big fall is easy with Worden Stochastics. This video explains what Worden Stochastics is and how to create a Sequence Rule to find stocks that first spent several days with a Worden Stochastic below 20 but recently logged values above 80. Each of the stocks found show recovering Worden Stochastics because their prices bounced after a long down trend.

Bouncing Stocks (11:15)

This video teaches one way to find stocks bouncing back and forth between support and resistance. By creating a Sequence Rule based on price and two envelope channels two stocks are found in this rare pattern.

Working with Earnings (10:11)

This video shows how to plot raw earnings on any StockFinder chart. Once plotted, it is easy to sort or scan for earnings. The video also shows an interesting way to scan for stocks experiencing a pop in earnings after several weeks of falling earning’s numbers.

Finding TSV Divergences (10:59)

This video teaches one way to isolate positive and negative TSV divergences. By creating four simple rules it shows how you can bring potential divergences to the top of the list. This makes sifting through charts for divergences easier than looking through hundreds of charts for this popular pattern.

Copying Symbols into StockFinder (3:37)

This video shows how easy it is to copy a list of tickers from a web page or email into a StockFinder Personal watchlist.

BackScanner Basics (11:53)

This video teaches the basics of BackScanner. Learn how to create Rules, test strategies and generate result reports on individual symbols and entire watchlists.

Hugging the Moving Average (14:51)

Learn how to scan and sort for stocks using a moving average as support, resistance or a center for consolidation. This video shows how to create a simple one-line RealCode Rule to isolate stocks hugging their moving average.

News in StockFinder (6:17)

This video shows how, with Platinum service, news is integrated in StockFinder. Learn how to review news headlines and read full stories, plot news-based indicators and even find stocks experiencing abnormally high news activity.

Understanding Chart Scaling (16:55)

In this video you will learn how indicators' scales work. You will learn why scales function the way they do by default; how to access any point on a scale using a crosshair; how to access and alter scale display options; and how to manage scale groupings in panes that contain multiple plots.

Market Data Reader Overview (2:39)

The MarketDataReader class is a simple, but powerful class that is designed to read delimited data and output a plot. The data structure can be delimited by any character and each row of data should end with a carridge return/line feed. If you have a CSV (comma separated value) file that contains dates and numbers the MarketDataReader class is the perfect class for importing the file to StockFinder.

RealCode File Reader Overview (5:35)

The RealCodeFile reader class is a proxy class to the .net System.IO.StreamReader. Additional documentation can be found in the RealCode Programmers Reference.

ScratchPad Basics (2:47)

This video covers the basics of the ScratchPad feature. Learn how to keep notes, save your thoughts and copy and paste content from a web site and save it in any Layout.